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Aaron Greider

VP of Sales

As VP of Sales, Aaron Greider is responsible for growing new business and strengthening RCI’s client base. Working with thousands of Human Resources professionals across the country on a daily basis, Aaron has a unique and powerful understanding of the Human Resources industry. He joined the RCI sales team in 2004 and kept a fast-paced, intense approach to moving up the ranks. After becoming the company’s top revenue producer in less than one year, his clear perception of the industry and client needs became evident. He soon took on the role of Sales Training Manager, where he taught new Sales Account Executives RCI's unique and effective sales system. This responsibility effectively positioned him for his current role as VP of Sales. Prior to coming to RCI, Aaron worked in the construction management field as a Project Manager for T.R. Hughes, Inc. and Centex Homes, Inc. His management experience and passion for sales set the stage for his career at RCI. Aaron resides with his wife in the Dallas, TX area.