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We applied 45 years of recruitment expertise to develop TalentLocator to target precise, qualified candidates. We combine cutting-edge search technology with our highly trained sourcing specialists to find virtually every resume on the Internet relevant to your specific needs. TalentLocator is behind almost all we do, because it works!

Identify the best-qualified candidates for your needs. We customize a text-only email to candidates that match your unique needs. We then drive response with an efficiency that saves time and money. Plus, our expert screeners will visually assess all the resumes and send you the best of the best.

Receive a qualified pool of candidates for now and for future needs. Along with sending targeted text emails to desirable candidates, we place live phone calls that verbally announce your opportunity, using proven employment messaging. It's that simple.

Relieve yourself from the burden of unqualified candidate responses and save the expense and time of posting jobs with few results. With the Recruiter Model, we’ll source, advertise and screen candidates and submit only the most qualified directly to the Hiring Manager. Enjoy quick access to hand-selected, interview-ready candidates for your open positions.


BestJobsUSA, an award-winning national job board, goes to work for you providing the solutions to match your needs. Total Talent Reach™ enhances search performance, dynamically optimizes your job postings, and targets the ideal candidate that is looking for you across a network of over 1,300 national, local and niche sites. Trigger the most relevant and qualified candidate responses possible, making it easy for you to review responses. The BestJobsUSA packages offer strategic solutions so you can find top talent, and they can find you.

It’s important to have an Applicant Tracking System. But it’s more critical to have an ATS that treats your applicants like customers. RecruitSuite is designed with that in mind: Easy to navigate and highly customizable. We understand simple because if you don’t make it easy, your applicants will search elsewhere.

Whether your company is large, small, or in between, we analyze every area it takes to run your operation, so you can run it the way you intend. Backed by years of experience, data, and expertise, we offer improvements and recommendations essential for your future growth and success.

Every day, people talk about your company. You may not realize it, but potential superstars are out there forming opinions about your organization. We are the monitoring experts. And we know how to steer that conversation your way, so the best candidates want to join your team. With 7 different monitoring tools, we’ll work with you to make the most of the rapidly evolving social media channels.