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RCI’s RecruitSuite ATS is like no other because it’s not just an ordinary applicant tracking system. It’s a fully customizable platform that we develop and design for each company’s unique needs. We consider everything we learn about each client to be the key in offering an individual, robust functionality backed up by flexibility and support.

We know how to create a solution for today's needs, as well as tomorrow's. But most of all, we know how to create a solution that is totally yours.

When you work with RCI, we partner with you to build a best-in-class ATS system that’s made just for you. Your company is our priority and that’s why we developed a custom-designed platform offering features that most ATS systems neglect.

The RecruitSuite system:

  • Customizes workflow
  • Increases ROI
  • Improves your cost per hire
  • Organizes a centralized candidate pool
  • Generates reports and metrics quickly
  • Provides efficient entry, searching, and screening tools
  • Allows you to source, screen, and hire better-qualified candidates faster

We stay by your side as you implement our recommendations and strategies. We help you utilize the ATS that allows you to view the candidate source; enhance applicant screening, data collection, and streamline applicant tracking; allow users to search your entire talent pool for multiple applications; and integrate your ATS with employer branding and marketing initiatives (email, career events, etc.).

Ready to get started? We are, too.