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Cutting-edge search technology with our highly trained sourcing specialists.

RCI’s TalentLocator suite is our flagship product lineup and is behind almost all we do. Our proprietary TalentLocator engine searches hundreds of resume databases and thousands of websites of every kind, including social media, using keyword search to bring in candidates that match your specific qualifications, so you can make the right hire, every time.

Reverse Posting

Our Reverse Posting model utilizes our TalentLocator technology to identify the best-qualified candidates for your needs. That technology, coupled with a customized, corporate-branded HTML email with your recruitment message, sends quality candidates directly to your recruiter's inbox. With Reverse Posting, we don’t just post a job and wait for candidates to respond. We put your opportunity in their hands with strategies aimed to reach just the qualified candidates that match your unique needs. We drive response with an efficiency that saves time and money—identifying only the best candidates. Deliver a personalized corporate-branded message directly to them, and drive qualified responses. It’s that simple!

Universal Screener

Our Universal Screener model uses our TalentLocator technology and employs our expert screeners to assess each resume, assuring only the candidates that match your criteria are forwarded to you. The resumes become yours to keep, to move forward as you see fit. Essentially, you are provided a qualified pool of candidates for now and future needs.

Our technology. Our expert screeners. Your list of qualified candidates.


Our Container model uses our TalentLocator technology and our team of project recruiters to deliver clients from the burden of unqualified responses and saves them the expense and time of posting jobs with few results. With a Container model, RCI handles the entire process. We’ll source a pool of qualified candidates via TalentLocator, market to those candidates via a customized, corporate-branded HTML, and our recruiters will interview those candidates and submit only the most qualified to your Talent Acquisition team. Get the same level of service as a retained search at a greatly discounted rate. TalentLocator: Container is the ultimate solution. Guaranteed.